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Patch Repairs, Skimming & Dry Lining for
Monkseaton, North East England

Stud Walls, Plasterboard & Plastering Quotes Request quotes from local plasterers using the short form to get the best price on Living Room Plastering, Ceiling repairs, Refurbishment & Rendering in Monkseaton

Plasterer: Skimming & Finishing for Monkseaton

Dry Wall & Tanking Monkseaton

Dry Lining Monkseaton

Old lath and plaster walls, external walls or stud walls in Monkseaton may need to be plastered as part of a general face lift or property refurbishment; dry lining is a useful and fast way to get flat smooth walls and a modification such as tanking can protect internal faces of external walls from the effects of dampness

Plastering and wall skimming Monkseaton

Plastering Services Monkseaton

Many walls in older properties suffer from cracks or loose areas of plaster and need to be repaired; if your Monkseaton property needs a plasterer to patch repair or skim the walls before painting & decorating; just ask for a cost estimate

Plasterers Monkseaton

Maintenance & Repair Monkseaton

Roofing Services Monkseaton

Roofer Monkseaton

Roof construction and repair services for Monkseaton from replacing a single roof tile to repairing more extensive wind damage on slate and tile roofs, repointing hip tiles and fixing loose ridge tiles in place
Prolonged periods of damp can rot roof trusses and battens needing replacement roof timbers to be fitted and structural repairs if the roof starts to sag or spread
Roofer Monkseaton

Central Heating Control Thermostat and Timer Monkseaton

Central Heating Monkseaton

Timed and thermostatically controlled combi-boiler heating systems can help keep homes warm while saving money by operating at different temperature ranges at different times of the day or switching the central heating off overnight or while at work

Staircase Joinery Monkseaton

Fitted Staircase Monkseaton

Damaged stair nosings, creaking stairs and loose newel posts can all be repaired for properties in Monkseaton but if an old staircase is dangerous, rotting, infested with woodworm and needs replacing or the interior layout has changed and a new staircase is needed then ask about having a new staircase built
Fitted Staircase Monkseaton

Replacement Wood and uPVC Window Locks Monkseaton

New Window Locks Monkseaton

Replacement uPVC, wood framed and sash window locks fitted in the Monkseaton area to help protect against unwanted intruders
New Window Locks Monkseaton

CCTV Security Camera Monkseaton

CCTV Camera Systems Monkseaton

Low light sensitive CCTV cameras installed for day and night surveillance with infra-red lighting systems available for monitoring during very low light levels
CCTV Camera Systems Monkseaton

Design, Planning Application and building of a Ground Floor Extension suitable for Monkseaton

Dining Rooms Monkseaton

Living space is at a premium and many choose to extend their property with a ground floor or 2-storey extension depending on needs and budget
Instead of a traditional conservatory in Monkseaton to add space it’s possible to create a light and airey room extension suitable for use as a living room or dining room
Dining Rooms Monkseaton

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Combi Boiler Repairs Monkseaton

Boiler Repairs

Boiler Repairs Monkseaton: new boiler components e.g. safety thermostats, replacement water pumps, gas & water valves for most combi boilers
Monkseaton Boiler Repairs

uPVC Door Locks

Replacement lock barrels Monkseaton:Replacement barrels for upVC door locks, wooden doors and securing windows; also replacement key locking handles:
Monkseaton Locksmith

Locksmith for Monkseaton

Key Cutting & Lock Fitting Monkseaton: New uPVC lock barrels & handles, security window locks fitted and new/replacement keys cut for doors and garages
Monkseaton Keys & Locks

Block Paving

Block paving, ramps and driveways Monkseaton: Creating extra off road parking, building patios with garden paving and ramps for wheelchair access
Monkseaton Block Paving

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